Building Your Body Type

One thing that I find absolutely fascinating about humans is that not one person in this world is the same as another. There are countless physical and psychological differences in all of us. Yet, we continue to compare ourselves to every one else. It can be difficult with social media being so popular these days, but it is important to focus on bettering yourself. Competing against the you from yesterday is, and always will be the best approach to have.

For example, one thing I have been intent on doing is knowing my body type and being realistic with my goals and how I want to look. I would constantly look around and instantly compare myself to how other people looked and want to look like them. What I have learned is, your frame and what looks good on you is unique to you. I realize being 6’4 it is very hard for me to build out my frame and I am most likely always going to have a fairly slender build. It would be extremely difficult for me to get to a point where I’m looking like a true body builder. Realizing that, my goals stay the same, but my expectations change a little bit. This is where visualizing realistic goals can be a very powerful tool.

As I mentioned, we are all unique individuals, and our fitness goals should be as well. Being realistic with expectations and coming up with a tailored plan to hit those goals is vital to your success. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below!


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