Progress Pics

Full disclosure, I absolutely hate taking pictures of myself. Being photogenic is not my strong-suit as is, so mixing in my shyness and want to avoid attention is a tough mix. However, it is something that I am working on. Getting out of your comfort zone is super important for personal growth and this is […]

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The Power of Preparation

Let’s face it, the most difficult thing when it comes to physical fitness is staying consistent. I am sure everyone in the world knows healthy things to do that would benefit themselves, and I am even sure some make a conscious effort to do them at times. But, the key to seeing results is remaining […]

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Building Your Body Type

One thing that I find absolutely fascinating about humans is that not one person in this world is the same as another. There are countless physical and psychological differences in all of us. Yet, we continue to compare ourselves to every one else. It can be difficult with social media being so popular these days, […]

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Ab Circuit

Nothing better than some sun. One of my favorite things to do is head out on our balcony, catch some rays and do some ab work. I still can’t believe the winter here in Arizona. There is definitely no shortage of sun. Give 3 sets of this ab circuit a try next core day and […]

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Shoulder Workout!

Check out this all dumbbell shoulder workout below! I have included quick videos on how to do each exercise- Seated Shoulder Press- Single Arm Schwarzenegger Presses– Shoulder Front Raises- Shoulder Flies- These are my favorites that I make sure to incorporate into every shoulder day. Any exercises that I am missing? Let me know in […]

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What Sport has the Best Athletes?

Across the board, professional sports have the most impressive athletes that we will ever see. Seeing the size, strength, and speed of these individuals in real time is truly impressive. But if you had to narrow it down, which sport would you say has the best overall athletes? Let’s start with how we would describe […]

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Workout Splits

First things first, if you are not familiar with the term “workout split”, it simply means how often/when you train specific muscle groups. There are a variety of different strategies when deciding what you’re workout splits should look like. To start with, you need to decide how many days per week you are going to […]

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