Building Your Body Type

One thing that I find absolutely fascinating about humans is that not one person in this world is the same as another. There are countless physical and psychological differences in all of us. Yet, we continue to compare ourselves to every one else. It can be difficult with social media being so popular these days, […]

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Listening to your Body

I was always taught if something feels off.. it’s probably off. This is very true in fitness as well. Whether it be not feeling top notch and taking a day off from the gym, doing an exercise that doesn’t exactly feel right, or game planning your workout splits for the week. It is very important […]

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Workout Playlist

It is every gym goers nightmare… You get to the gym, you start your warm up routine, you reach in your gym bag and realize that you forgot your headphones. It is going to be a tough workout to get through. Music and the gym go together like peanut butter and jelly, which is why […]

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Goal Setting

Hey all! New Year’s resolution time is almost upon us and I wanted to give you all a quick guide to follow when coming up with those fitness goals that are actually doable. I typically like to follow an approach that will probably sound familiar to you, setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. Let’s dive in to see […]

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Workouts to Grow your Biceps

It’s a gym bro’s favorite day of the week, arm day. There are so many different workouts you can do to target the biceps, how do you pick which ones you want to add to your arm day? I typically like to spend a lot of time at the cable machines and sprinkle in a […]

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Delicious Fruit Smoothie

I have always had a very hard time eating breakfast despite knowing the importance of it. For some reason I really do not have an appetite in the mornings. This smoothie recipe has absolutely changed my whole routine and is an easy way to get something in your stomach in those mornings you may be […]

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