Gym Time

There are a lot of different factors to consider when deciding when you want to get your workout in. First thing is first, you need to plan on when you’ll have some extra time on your hands which can get a little difficult at times, especially during the weekdays. Don’t let that stop you! There […]

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Delicious Smoothie Bowl

Do you want a healthy, delicious breakfast food to start your day? Or do you crave a sweet snack that isn’t even bad for you? Then you have to try this recipe to this tasty smoothie bowl! In the smoothie: 1 1/4 cups frozen fruit 2/3 cup yogurt 1/2 cup oatmeal 1 cup baby spinach […]

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Outdoor Workouts

With summer quickly approaching I like to be outside and enjoy the sun as much as possible. Unfortunately the summer days seem to go by so quickly and there just isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything you need to, so sometimes getting outside isn’t possible. How about you take care of 2 […]

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What’s your “why”?

Everyone starts something new for a reason. Starting your fitness journey is no different, in fact it is vital to understand your “why” when you decide to take the first steps to becoming a healthier you. What do I mean by understanding your “why”? While on your fitness journey, you are guaranteed to run into […]

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Staying Active

Anyone else getting tired of the same routine everyday during quarantine? It is starting to feel a lot like Groundhog’s Day. One way that will help you get out of this rut is getting outside and doing something a little out of your comfort zone. For me, this has been hiking the many different trails […]

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Workouts With a Friend

When you decide to workout you are often left with the decision of whether to workout by yourself or with someone else. There are pros and cons to both, and I encourage you to try both before you decide which one you prefer. WITH A FRIEND: I personally love having someone to workout with. I […]

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Core Workout

There are a million different ab workouts that many live and die by, but with so many different movements how do you decide which ones to do? I personally like to switch it up quite a bit when it comes to core work. There are so many different core movements that target different muscles so […]

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Pre/Post Workout Meals

PRE-WORKOUT MEALS: What you eat before you go to the gym is very important because it is a big deciding factor on how your workout will go. Although most people recommend eating a full meal 2-3 hours before your workout, I am one of the weirdos who like to eat something maybe an hour before […]

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