Delicious Fruit Smoothie

I have always had a very hard time eating breakfast despite knowing the importance of it. For some reason I really do not have an appetite in the mornings. This smoothie recipe has absolutely changed my whole routine and is an easy way to get something in your stomach in those mornings you may be […]

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Gym Everyday?

Balancing a healthy life and all of your responsibilities is no easy task. With work, family, friends socializing, and many other things requiring our attention, how are we supposed to make it to the gym every day? The answer is, you’re not! A lot of people think hitting the gym 7 days per week is […]

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Finding Inspiration

Life can be hard. So many responsibilities, but such little time in the day. That is the most common problem when it comes to physical fitness, finding the time in your busy schedule. I am going to give it to you straight right here, that is never going to go away. There is unfortunately no […]

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