The Power of Preparation

Let’s face it, the most difficult thing when it comes to physical fitness is staying consistent. I am sure everyone in the world knows healthy things to do that would benefit themselves, and I am even sure some make a conscious effort to do them at times. But, the key to seeing results is remaining […]

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Ab Circuit

Nothing better than some sun. One of my favorite things to do is head out on our balcony, catch some rays and do some ab work. I still can’t believe the winter here in Arizona. There is definitely no shortage of sun. Give 3 sets of this ab circuit a try next core day and […]

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Workout Splits

First things first, if you are not familiar with the term “workout split”, it simply means how often/when you train specific muscle groups. There are a variety of different strategies when deciding what you’re workout splits should look like. To start with, you need to decide how many days per week you are going to […]

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Listening to your Body

I was always taught if something feels off.. it’s probably off. This is very true in fitness as well. Whether it be not feeling top notch and taking a day off from the gym, doing an exercise that doesn’t exactly feel right, or game planning your workout splits for the week. It is very important […]

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My Theme of 2023: Consistency

On top of my resolutions this year, I decided I wanted to take it a step further and identify an overall area of weakness that I can work on throughout the year. After a lot of thought, I landed on the word consistency. Going to the gym consistently for me is not too big of […]

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