The Balancing Act

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to get in shape is not getting back on the horse. By that, I mean realizing that life can get extremely busy. So much so that there may be weeks where you aren’t even able to make it to the gym and you eat like shit. But what do you do then? The biggest mistake I see is thinking that week has ruined all progress and letting that one week distract you from your goals. Give yourself a break!

Balancing life and your fitness goals is absolutely vital to not getting burned out. For example, I just had my mom come and visit for a long weekend and wasn’t able to make it to the gym at all. We also ate tons of amazing food that was far from healthy. And as I am sure you can imagine, it was an absolute blast! After they left I was absolutely exhausted so I gave myself a day of rest and told myself that I am back on the grind the next day. It is okay to give yourself a break, it is very normal for life to get in the way sometimes. The important thing is having the strength to get back to those healthy habits that you have worked so hard to establish. It can be tough, I am still working on getting some energy back in my workouts, but starting is the most difficult part by far. It won’t belong before you forgot you even missed a day.

Some pictures from the weekend below!


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