The Biggest Misconception in the Fitness World

The fitness industry is filled with misconceptions and it can unfortunately be very hard to listen to the real material and filter out the BS. That responsibility will ultimately fall on you. There are a ton of people and products who will try to sell you on many different things, and I’m not saying that it is all useless, I’m just saying it is important to do your own research and truly understand what you are buying/committing to. I encourage you to implement as many different strategies (i.e. new workouts, new supplements, new trainers, new meal plans etc.) to achieve your fitness goals as possible and take note of which ones work and which don’t. The biggest misconception in the fitness world is that there is one “correct” way to be fit or go after your fitness goals. That there is this magic workout or meal plan that is guaranteed to make you reach your fitness goals. That is unfortunately just not true. What works for some people doesn’t work for everyone, unfortunately you may need to try many different programs and/or strategies to find an approach that both suits your needs for happiness in life and give you the fitness results you are looking for. That is the bad news. The good news is that the balance is out there. There are many different ways to achieve your fitness goals, it doesn’t have to consume your life. When you allow your goals to completely dictate your life you will notice that those habits are impossible to continue for long periods of time. It is vital to find a strategy that allows you to both fully enjoy your life and make progress toward the body you want. And yes, this will take some trial and error, but you will find it and it will make your fitness journey more enjoyable than ever. So I encourage you all to try news things and take note of what works for YOU, because there is no one right way to go after your fitness goals; there are many. The best choice is one where you can balance your goals with living a happy life. One you can continue to carry on to help yourself live a healthy lifestyle.

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