Staying Active

Box Canyon Trail in Boise, Idaho

Anyone else getting tired of the same routine everyday during quarantine? It is starting to feel a lot like Groundhog’s Day. One way that will help you get out of this rut is getting outside and doing something a little out of your comfort zone. For me, this has been hiking the many different trails that Boise has to offer. I have loved being able to do this. Not only is it a safe way to get out of the house, but it is also a great way to stay active. I have never really thought of hiking as exercise, but after getting out and doing some of these hikes I was proven wrong. It is a great way to burn some calories and get the heart rate up. Also, if you find a good hike some of the views can be pretty amazing! Another thing I’ve been doing outside of the norm that has been keeping me active is playing sports. Growing up an athlete, I love getting a chance to get outside and compete. Lately I have been playing a lot of basketball and baseball with my girlfriend. This has been something that we both have had a blast doing because it is a fun way to do some cardio and burn a lot of calories in a pretty short time! But that’s enough of me, what are some of the fun things you are doing during quarantine to stay active? Let me know in the comments below! Stay active and push through, we can get through this together!

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