At Home Back and Shoulders Lifts

Struggling thinking of lifts to do during your home workouts? Watch the videos above to get a few ideas on how to do some of the lifts that you may typically do at the gym with resistance bands at home! Not all of us are lucky enough to have very elaborate home gyms but I can tell you based on my experiences that you can get a really good workout in with minimal or no equipment. You would be surprised on the numerous different lifts you can do by simply being creative with resistance bands. There are a number of different ways that you can mimic the lifts that you love at the gym with resistance bands at home during these difficult times. In the videos above, I show you a very easy way to perform some of the main lifts you do in the gym to work your back and shoulders including seated rows, reverse flies, one-armed rows, front raises, high pulls and Schwarzenegger presses (in order). With my lifts, I typically like to focus on going down slow and exploding up. If you have any questions on these lifts or how to perform other lifts using resistance bands let me know below! Next post I will show you a typical ab circuit that I do to end workouts!

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