At-Home Workouts

During these confusing times it is important to not let your fitness journey stop just because the gyms are no longer open. Not only will staying active help you fight the coronavirus, and keep your body fit, but it will also help your mental health while quarantined. A common misconception is that a gym with an abundance of equipment is required to get a good workout in but that is just not true. Here are a few tips that will help you get a kickass workout in at home just like you’re at the gym!

  1. SAME ROUTINE- I highly suggest keeping the same routine and act as if you are going to the gym. For example, I always listen to music (and dance) while I get ready and chug my pre-workout before heading to the gym. It is important to keep the same attitude with at-home workouts because it can be easy to not approach at-home workouts with the same energy as going to the gym. Continuing your regular pre-workout habits is an important first step to bringing good energy to your workout.
  2. PLAN- With everyone being quarantined there are a million people coming out with at-home workout plans, some good and some not so much. I personally have gone through tons of at-home workouts and have picked out bits and pieces that I like from each one. It is important to have a workout plan when it comes to home workouts because when you’re at the gym you can look around and be reminded of the lifts you want to do, but at home you don’t really have that luxury. I encourage you to head into each workout with a list of the lifts that you want to do so you’re not having to waste time and search for suggestions in the middle of a workout.
  3. EQUIPMENT- Another misconception is that you need all the equipment gyms offer to get a good workout in. You can get a good workout in with strictly bodyweight exercises, you may just need to get creative and use your surroundings. I definitely do not have a very impressive home gym by any means, but I make it work. One set of equipment I do suggest that is very affordable are a set of resistance bands. With a set of resistance bands you can do nearly every lift you can usually do in a gym setting. It may not be what you’re used to, but if you find the right set of bands and are creative with how you use them you can get a killer workout just like in the gym!

Next post I’ll show you some of the unique ways that I use resistance bands to get a good workout in, stay tuned!

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